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Article about life insurance

Perhaps....Life Insurance

When individuals think of life insurance, Canadians may provide a spectrum of thoughts.

Perhaps, we should be prepared to determine if the attributes associated with life insurance make it a viable tax-sheltered vehicle for individuals and business owners.

Article on shareholders agreements obligations remedies liquidity

Shareholders' Agreements - Obligations, Remedies, Liquidity

Obligations, Remedies, Liquidity are powerful words. A shareholders’ agreement is a contractual undertaking under which each shareholder and the corporation assume certain rights and obligations. Yet, when we think about these words in the context of a shareholders’ agreement, there are a number of questions that are brought to mind.

Why do parties not have a shareholders’ agreement for their business?

       “Everything is fine. We have known each other for years. There is no need           for an agreement.”


Article on philanthropy donations giving in various ways

Our Many Ways to Give

Donation of Time: It is valued. It is appreciated. During our lives, we may decide to donate our time in different ways. Early in our lives, we may have volunteered without even knowing it. You may have been covered with flour in the kitchen, only later to find out you were part of an assembly of people cooking and baking for a cause in your community.

As we continue in our lives...

Article on loss of privacy considerations for beneficiary designations

Loss of Privacy - Considerations for Beneficiary Designations

Some people in life are private. It is hard to believe this statement when we look at the number of social media posts that take a revealing look at people’s lives, their feelings and their relationships – good and bad.

Privacy is valued and sacred to many. Individuals may choose to be closed about their financial assets and matters surrounding their families and businesses. So, when the discussion turns to estate matters, efforts to ensure privacy continue to be of upmost priority.

The determination of what financial and estate planning tools should be considered, usually have us turn to will substitutes such as trusts, beneficiary designations, etc.

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