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Jos Herman 

This is my opportunity to share my passion for creating and providing solutions for you, your family, your business or your practice.

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My Story

Jos Herman, is the founder of Resources & Solutions, a boutique consulting firm. At her firm, she provides private business and personal solutions focused on tax concepts, tax efficient investment and insurance strategies, asset protection and wealth planning.

Jos is a CPA, who has spent over 25 years, serving the tax, business and estate planning needs of owner manager clients, professionals and their families.


She is able to bring together experience and expertise in a number of areas to create a uniquely integrated financial service that is focused on solving the wealth planning needs of individuals, business owners and professionals.


She is a triple threat. She uses her skills to provide an objective perspective related to:

  1. Accounting, Tax & Estate complexities

  2. Insurance Solutions

  3. Legal Considerations


Your partner in building wealth & creating a legacy.

 - Look forward to connecting

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